Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patchouli Problem SOLVED

imageGuardianAngel-mIf you remember a few Blog entries back I had a personal crisis!
A Patchouli Problem
The patchouli oil I had used for years was no longer being sold, and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.
But eureka! A guardian angel was looking out for me. ( It was really my sister in California) She found the particular scent of Patchouli oil there and sent me a bottle by personal courier ( really my mother and father) So it seems my personal crisis appears to be solved!
How do I know it’s the same Stuff?
Well I have a secret weapon. One of the ladies at work has an amazing nose for scents ( I mentioned her in the previous blog) She has indeed confirmed that that it smells the same (see the email below) (Names have been redacted to protect the innocent)
imageI have even found a supplier online in Tucson AZ That sells it in bulk.
Kumba Made Tunisian Patchouli Oil
There is however a dark side to this happy tale off personal redemption ( Hey! take your personal redemption wherever you can get it!)
This particular type of Patchouli Oils is fairly rare. Its called Tunisian or sometimes African Patchouli and it is much more expensive than the run of the mill Patchoulis that are out there.
It also seems that it is often used as an ingredient in Witchcraft! (see the excerpt from the Wiccan and Pagen shop below)
imageSo now we now why this particular brand has served me so well over the years. It has mystical powers of mastery and love!
Beware coming to close to me while wearing my Patchouli oil as it may cast a spell over you!

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