Sunday, February 8, 2009

RV Show

The weather lately has been better, you can actually go outside. Its not below Zero. YA!

This weekend the anuall RV show is being held in the Minneapolis auditorium. We headed down there around 10:30 Sunday morning. Hey maybe we can find something we like!

We parked in a parking ramp near the auditorium and took the sky way to the show. We really didn't have to go out side at all. From our heated garage to the sky ways to the show. So why am I whining about the weather?

As bad as the economy is suppose to be there were a lot of people there. At $10 a pop to get in there still must be some money left in the world.

We checked out a few Class A rigs and a few fifth wheels. and walked up and down the rows.

I did find a cool inflatable kayak for 2 with bike pedals for propulsion. Looks like it would fit in the basement of the Dutch Star. I'll have to keep that in mind.

We had lunch and a beer at one of the concession stands then continued walking the floor.

Margaret found some recliner chairs she likes for the coach at the Camping World booth for a good price but we didn't want to carry them so she negotiated the same price if we pick them up next weekend at the Camping World store on 101 and 94. I guess we are going to Camping World next weekend.

Mean while just across the aisle I found a cool way to mount a TV in the basement storage unit of a motor home. I just may have to get me one of these!

On the way out we both decided there wasn't any RV's there that we liked better than our current Dutch Star. Well at least anything we could actually afford to purchase. That a good thing!
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