Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving is fun, really it is?

imageHave you ever moved? I mean the place you live. Moving it from one place to another. How many times have you moved? I sat down the other day and figured out how many times we have moved.
Since Margaret and I have been married we have moved 16 times in 33 years, but who’s counting.
The blow by blow details:

We started out at 706 south 8th Street in St James after we married.

From there we moved to 521 Webster Ave in North Mankato and my first real job, where we spent several years.


We sold the house and moved to an apartment on
Lee Blvd on the hill in North Mankato while we built an earth shelter home.

Even before it was complete we moved into 916 Belvista Drive on the hill side in North Mankato where we spent a few years.


We then sold and moved to an apartment on Teton Blvd in Mankato for a few months (this didn’t work so well)


So we then moved back to the same apartment on Lee Blvd for another stay of a year.


From the apartment we bought a house on Ivanhoe Court. We remodeled this house totally.



While we lived at Ivanhoe we undertook the building of a Lake House on Lake Jefferson which we
moved part of our life to.


Then we sold Ivanhoe, and moved our city life to the same apartments again on Lee Blvd in North Mankato for the third time.


Then our city life moved to a beautiful townhouse we purchased on Pleasantview Drive.


Then just to make a mess of everything we sold it all and moved internationally to Weegbree 11 Best, Netherlands for a 3 year overseas stay in Holland.


Returning to the USA we moved to an apartment called the Ridge on Rockrimmin Blvd in Colorado Springs for a few months.


Then we bought a beautiful patio home on Twinberry Point with a view of Pikes Peak for 13 months. we should have stayed there!)


We then moved back to Minneapolis and the Durham Apartments in Edina on the 13th floor for 8 months or so.

Until we bought a condo on 7400 Edinborough Way where we lived for almost 7 years (unbelievable! what happened).


With the Great real-estate crash of 2007 we sold our beautiful condo just in time to avoid the big losses and moved to a rented condo near 50th and France in Edina for a year and a half.


Then on to the most recent move of 3121 West 69th street just north of the Durham and not far from our old condo and our current home today. Much better than the last place!


But moving rates right up there
with taxes and death!
But eventually it gets downs to a few things:
Then it’s all done and you lock up for the last time and head out.

Many trips with the jeep and a U-haul rental trailer for a day eventually gets us a view from the fourth floor, and a brand new never lived in 1 bedroom apartment with an outside deck.
Of course then you have to assemble everything back the way it was.
Then its all back together and you can relax……..
All decorated and ready to celebrate!

Ready to live our life again...

Until the next move!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

There really is a Fairy God Mother!

Haven’t you wished when you had a nasty project to do that you could go to bed at night and when you woke up in the morning your Fairy God Mother had  magically appeared in the night while you slept and finished the nasty project?  Come on now we have all wished that!

Well guess what. There really is a Fairy God Mothers and I have proof! There was this nasty project that had to be completed featuring the re-plastering, painting, and trimming the shed door. (see photo)


I heard this loud noise late in the evening and I snuck down to the shed and managed to catch the Fairy God Mother in action with my camera! The Fairy God Mother is not much to look at and she sure looks surprised, but look at that magic at work!

Fair God Mother

After the God Mother disappeared in a puff of smoke and a string of profanities there was nothing left of the nasty project!


OH! The Fairy God Mother did leave a note:


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