Friday, January 29, 2010


nothing3It’s the middle of winter. Life is boring and we are not doing anything other than going to work and occasionally going to yoga.

We did have a recent spell of weather where humans could actually survive outside for more than a few minutes. It was almost 40 degrees for a couple of days. But alas we are back in the deep freeze again with zero and below temps.

I spend a lot of time on the computer… (you guessed that huh?)

I read many Blogs: financial, travel, computer, futuristic, etc. Many of these folks make money from their writing. It seems that when that occurs these folks that write have to do so every day, or their readers go away and then their money goes away as well.

So in order to write something every day they start to make up stuff. Sometime boring stuff! Sometimes everyday life kind of stuff! Sometimes they even let you deep into their minds and their deepest darkest secrets.

I don’t get paid for writing. I write when I have something interesting going on. Which I haven’t had for a while. I could tell you about everyday stuff, but that would be truly boring and a waste everyone's time.

I could open up my mind and let you in on the deepest darkest secrets in there, but then you would be truly scared of me and never read my blog again!

So I guess your just going to have to wait until I have something interesting going on for a good Blog entry.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A January Weekend

imageIt’s winter in Minnesota! Not the wimpy winters that Minnesota has had the last few years, but real winters just like when I grew up. There are piles of snow everywhere. In some of the smaller communities with smaller snow removal budgets they are piling snow in the middle of the streets between lanes of traffic rather than haul the snow away.

imageOf course with all the snow on the ground comes the COLD deep freeze. The last few weeks have struggled to see an occasional high above zero, and nightly lows in the 20 to 30 below zeros.

A person forgets year to year how cold 20 below zero actually is. If you forgot or have never experienced it let me refresh your memory! It’s kind of hard to breath! You get an ice cream headache just running out to your car. You can throw a hot cup of coffee out the car window and it never hits the ground because it evaporates in mid air, and you certainly do not want to imageput your tongue on that tasty looking frosty metal pole!

After a few weeks of being holed up inside unable to go out you start to go a little crazy. Cabin fever sets in and going to the gym and yoga can only do so much. After a while you have to find a way to get out of the apartment and do something or you can lose it.

image If you remember last year when it got cold we did a sanity outing to the Como Zoo green houses. On our last trip to the Minnesota Zoo I noticed that there was an IMAX theater on the property there, that showed a variety of movies. We have visited the IMAX at the Minnesota Science museum several times and it was always entertaining so maybe this would be a good winter diversion?

imageA quick check of the WEB site show that the new Movie “Avatar” was playing at the IMAX at the Minnesota Zoo. The bad news it was $15 a ticket to attend. Outrageous! but what’s your sanity worth? I purchased 2 tickets online for the 2:00PM showing on Saturday. That would give us time to go to yoga in the morning and have a quick lunch before dashing off the the Zoo in Apple valley. ( the site of my bogus parking ticket)

imageArriving at the IMAX theater with previously purchased tickets in hand the line was still very long to enter the movie. What have I gotten us into? I don’t stand in line for anything! This had better be good! I hadn’t noticed when I bought the tickets but this was going to be a 3D version of the movie and we were going to have to wear glasses to watch it. THIS HAD BETTER BE GOOD!

imageAfter standing in line for 1/2 hour we finally filed in to the theater. The theater it is not exactly like the IMAX at the Science Museum but it seems like a good theater. The screen is not curved like Other IMAXs I have seen, however the screen was 6 Stories tall.

The screen was huge!

This screening was sold out so everyone had to pack into the center while the rest of the people flowed in the doors. The theater quickly filled up and there we all were sitting with our cute little glasses on waiting for the movie to start.

I’m not sure if it was the IMAX experience, the movie, or the 3D aspect of the film, but WOW!

Double WOW WOW!

imageIts been along time if ever that I have ever seen anything like this! The movie plot was good the, the scenery was literally out of this world. The special effect were truly amazing! The best I’ve ever seen. Normally I never think what I have to pay for something is worth what I have to shell out, but I had no complaints with the $30 this cost Margaret and I for an afternoons entertainment.

Avatar has my recommendations especially in 3D on an IMAX screen!

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