Sunday, November 23, 2008

At the lake in November

Its November 22nd and the temperatures have been hanging around the low to mid 20s. We thought that we should head up to the lake for the weekend to check out the Coach and see if everything was OK. The Coach needs to have the batteries recharged and the fluid levels checked periodically as well as start the engine and let it warm up. It was suppose to be a warm weekend as far as weekends go in Minnesota in November. We left early Saturday morning heading out on the 3 hour drive to the lake lot.

We stopped at Menards along the way to get some small propane canisters and look at an electric heater as a backup / assist to the furnace for heating the Coach. We were going to stay overnight and it was suppose to get into the low 20's.

We arrived early afternoon at the lake and opened the Coach and turned on the electricity. Started up the furnace and the electric heaters settling in for the evening.
We grilled a couple of steaks on the grill on a slightly snow covered deck and had happy hour in the Coach setting in front of the fake Fireplace we have. (Hey if nothing else it gives ambiance).

After happy hour, dinner and a little TV we retired to the bedroom with books. I had set up the new little electric heater in the bedroom to help keep it warm overnight, but after about an hour I moved it out as it got too hot in the bedroom to keep it running in there. So the electric heater sat out in the main Coach area with the Furnace set on 50 degrees for the night. The furnace never turned on all night the little heater keep the Coach above 50 degrees.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

As we work towards downsizing and taking off on our traveling lifestyle it has occurred to me that I really can't have two vehicles. Since the little Honda S2000 sports car while good on gas mileage is going to be  a poor choice to tow behind a motor coach and not really comfortable so it probably is going to have to go. (How sad is that?) I loved that car.  


Also since the current "Real" vehicle our 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade is leased and its lease is about up we have to do something. 


Recently it’s all over the news that the car companies are struggling and they have some really good deals available out there so maybe now is the time to check it out?  

That's the thought anyway behind why we ended up down at the Jeep dealer's lot on Saturday morning looking at new Jeep Liberties. Guess what the car companies really are hurting, because they are dumping old late models Liberties at close to $10,000 off the new list price! So after determining that we could turn in our old 2005 Liberty and not have to make the remaining 3 payments give them out beautiful S2000 on trade we could walk away with a new 2008 Liberty for about $12,000. Given you never get a deal when you buy a new car We didn't think that was too bad.  


So there you have it now we have one vehicle a 2008 Liberty Limited. It also is much more comfortable that the old Renegade (See them both in the picture above) and even though it looks bigger it is the same size


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