Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lots of Snow

Well we finally made it up to the lake lot today. Sunday 12/28) We left around 8 in the morning, stopped for coffee and picked up a couple of sandwiches for lunch arriving around 11:30 at the lake. Our neighbor John's driveway was plowed and since we share the approach we parked in the driveway and had our sandwich before climbing thought the mountains of snow to check things out. There is LOTS! of snow there. almost 2 feet deep on the level. "Poor lonely coach"

From December 08 at the Lake

I shoveled the snow a way from the doors, and off the solar panel for the coach then checked around the lot. Other than a few rabbit and wood chuck tracks nothing to be seen. The rabbits haven't even chewed off any baby trees yet. I don't remember seeing the snow this deep this early before. Looks like we will be replenishing the ground water this year.

From December 08 at the Lake

We waded through the snow to check out the shed and found the usually rabbit freeway under the shed's deck for the winter. I suppose under all the snow many of our shrubs are getting chewed off.

Even as cold as it is barely above zero. The spring at the edge of our beach still keeps the ice from freezing.

From December 08 at the Lake

We didn't last long both our fingers were freezing up. Margaret went back to car to warm up but I managed to get down to the lake and snap a few picture.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold in Minnesota

Last year in Minnesota the lakes didn't even freeze fully until January 15th. well this year we shot that all to hell! Real winter is back in Minnesota just like it use to be in the old days! It has been snowing almost every or every other day for the last couple weeks. Not much snow, but enough to make a mess on the roads. It also COLD! we have had a couple of days less than -20 and plenty below zero and its not even Christmas yet.

View from the Porch on this cold day

We were going to go up North to the lake to check on the coach and the lot, but the snow storm this weekend canceled that idea. Maybe next weekend after Christmas we will go. So for this weekend I'm just sitting in the corner staying warm and working on the computer.

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