Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring at the Lake

Beaches, the lake, hot weather, lying on the sand, all great things to do in Minnesota in the summer. But its not quite summer yet in Minnesota. It just turned spring the other day. But people in Minnesota seem to rush such things as the lake and being able to to dig your toes into the hot sand.

Margaret has been looking for a couple of new sling chairs to put in the coach so we were out and about in the different sports stores Saturday looking to see what was available. Well we found a couple in REI that suited our purpose and of course we had to check them out after our purchase. Since it is a beautiful spring day in Minnesota 62 degrees we figured hey we may be rushing it a bit but how about margaritas at the lake!

So the new chairs go into the jeep a stop at the Edina liquor store for a bottle of pre-mixed margaritas and we are off to the beach.

Did I mention it was a bit early for the lake?

Being hardy Minnesotans beach visits require going in the water at least a little bit.

The chairs work great, the margaritas were good, but the water was a bit cool to make for a great beach day. Hey its Minnesota you have to make due with what you have!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winter Camping?

Out of the house in the sunshine on the way to the Lake! It was 40 degrees the sun was shining and we took off work early Friday afternoon. You know what’s great about going to the lake in the winter? The traffic is non existent! No one else on the road make it a pleasure!

We left about 11:30 and arrived around 3:00 the sun was still out. John keeps his driveway clean all year so we just parked in the driveway up near the road.

I started to shovel out the bank that was plowed up and was going to drive down into our driveway, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. You see the start of it here. We will just leave the Jeep sit where it is.

Checked out everything and it all looked great. No rabbits or ground hogs chewing on anything this year for some reason. The snow is still pretty deep. I turned on the power and started charging the house batteries on the coach, and also hooked up a battery charger to the engine batteries.

The sun shining through the windows had already warmed the coach quite a bit so after turning on the furnace and the electric heater in no time it was warm and inviting inside. So while its still daylight its time to break out the wine for happy hour.

Margaret had purchased one of those tables that goes on the coach steering wheel so that had to get set up,

After happy hour I ran to town for a pizza for supper.

Even though it got down to 15 degrees overnight it stays really warm in the coach. I set the furnace at 60 degrees and left the electric fireplace on. The furnace didn’t even start all night the little fireplace can keep the coach above 60 degrees.

In the morning when the sun was shinning again we went for a walk along the lake. Earlier last summer the people that own the lot in the bay just north of us that had the old trailer house were building. We walked up to check it out. It seems that they have constructed a castle. The place must be 3 or 4 thousand square feet!

This morning it was a bout 15 degrees and crisp but it was nice to be out on the lake.

We left about 9AM and headed back to the city. We will come up again in a few weeks to cut down some dead Jack Pine trees before the leaves come out in the woods.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Miserable weather again this weekend. Temperature hovering around zero, maybe we should go out.

We got a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse for Valentines day from a faithful reader of our blogs :) so off we go to the Outback on Hwy 494 near Hwy 77. We arrived at 5:30 Saturday evening, just the right time because it began to fill up quickly.

From Windows Live Writer

Listed on the specials board tonight: Bonus time Wine is 2 for one! Margaret is in Heaven!
From Windows Live Writer

Margaret ordered salmon and I had the prime rib.

Get the card out for a picture.

From Windows Live Writer

The food was good the company was better, the fact that it was paid for was priceless!

From Windows Live Writer

Well not quite paid for you can’t get out of Outback for $25.

So faithful reader feel free to reimburse me for the difference!
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