Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stony Point National Forest Campground

Our anniversary for us is always used as a chance to go do something special. On our 33rd anniversary we choose to take the coach out for 3 or 4 days and stay at the National Forest campground on the tip of the Onigum peninsula called Stony Point.


Just 14 miles east of Walker, MN located in the Chippewa National forest on the Ojibwa Indian reservation Stony point National Forest Campground is a small campground located right on the shores of Leech Lake.


Located out on a very rock point hence it’s name “Stony Point”, is used as a camping base point for many fisherman venturing out on the 3rd largest lake in Minnesota.


imageMost of the point has large boulders scattered about on the shoreline making much of the lake hard to access.

With a little effort you can climb over the boulders and wade in the cool water. The water clean, and clear crashing on the rocks along with the the endless views over the huge lake almost makes you think your at the ocean.image

To oblige the fisherman and make for a safe place to park the many boats that are used to venture out on the lake there are two harbors. After navigating a small rocky opening to the harbor you can tie your boat up on a national park supplied post and leave it overnight safe from the wind and waves pounding the rocks.


Along with the adjacent boat launch and trailer parking this is a fisherman's paradise.


There are two paved loops to the campground and a restroom shower in the center. Our campsite number 15 was large and open under the shelter of several large maple trees.


Just across the road to the east was the swimming beach and picnic area. A wide area free of rocks with a beautiful sandy beach out as far as you could walk.



The best camping spots in the whole park were along this beach. (If you could put up with the noise during the day) You have a view of the lake across a wide sand beach from sites 12, 14, 16, 18 and are the ones to get if you ever camp here.

Starting at the south side of the park, near the entrance is a 3/4 mile long interpretive trail that leads through the dense forest surrounding the campgrounds.


The trail leads through large areas of dense ferns and other interesting vegetation common in the Chippewa national Forest.


Just off the path near the end we were treated to a beautiful display of interesting mushrooms growing on an old moss covered rotting log.


Close up it looks a bit like the planet Pandora from the movie “Avatar”


Unknown to most people this particular national park requires all campers to celebrate with a happy hour every night around the campfire. Of course being the rule following law abiding citizens that we are we obliged.


Each site has a fire ring and grill that we took advantage of to cook dinner.


After happy hour there was usually a walk around the park looking at the other campers and sites.


Looking back from the the very tip of Stony Point across the mouth of one of the harbors you can see the swimming beach and an occasional sailboat parked for the night sleeping.


I bet they slept well!

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